Sober Roots Sober Roots Sober Roots Sober Roots Sober Roots
Sober Roots Sober Roots Sober Roots Sober Roots Sober Roots

Haircare That Does More

See and Feel the Difference After Your First Use

Sometimes it feels like everything around you is out to get your hair: the weather, your hair ties, sun rays, pollution… Even your own body will betray you if you don’t drink enough water, get enough sleep, and have great genes. And don’t even think about getting sick or having a condition.

Sober Roots Leave-In Conditioner

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Better hair care is an investment in your self-confidence. Get the look you’ve always dreamed of, and get on the path toward becoming your best self.

  • Natural ingredients deliver powerful nutrients to keep your skin and hair strong
  • Essential oils stimulate blood flow so that your hair grows longer faster
  • Argan oil and hyaluronic acid deliver deep and long-lasting hydration

Get Sober Roots and Start Healing Your Hair Today

3 Things Your Hair Needs to Grow Strong

It all comes down to giving your hair what it needs. So, what’s that?

First, your hair and scalp need to be hydrated. Without moisture, your hair breaks off, and your scalp flakes and itches.
Second, your hair needs nutrients. Hair growth requires protein, vitamins, and minerals to support follicle health and function.
Third, your scalp needs healthy blood flow to keep your follicles alive and deliver nutrients from your food and hair care products.
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