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“What are Sober Roots?”

Sober Roots are sober from chemicals, addictions, and anything that keeps you from being and feeling your best. Today, Sober Roots means being kinder to your hair. Tomorrow, it means being kinder to yourself.

Let’s get there together.

– Monica Smith, CEO and Founder of Sober Roots –

From Our Founder

After struggling through addiction and chemo, I was finally in remission from colon cancer. The battle seemed to be over, but I still didn’t feel like myself. My confidence was shot. My self-image was in tatters.

“I felt like a monster.”

All I wanted at that moment was to grow my hair back, thick and healthy. All the products I found contained alcohol, which sucked the moisture right out of my dry, curly hair. I got pretty desperate for something that wouldn’t cause more damage. I never found it.

An opportunity came around, and I jumped on it. I created a light conditioning cream full of natural oils to promote strength and growth for people of all hair types. But you’re probably still wondering…

As your Roots become Sober…

Join us on our mission to uplift all people with a better self-image. As a member of the Sober Roots community, you’ll take better care of yourself and your hair. You’ll share that confidence with the people around you. Most importantly, you’ll realize that big things are possible when you treat yourself how you deserve to be treated.
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